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Hope exists to lift us above strife, fulfill us beyond neglect, inspire us past doubt and support us through pain. While it may seem hard to see in times of trial, evidence of hope is all around us and within us.

The World Needs Hope inspires reflection and action. It expresses, in real terms, how to recognize, create and share hope in our modern world. Each word was artfully chosen to have lasting meaning. Each chapter features an image designed by an individual with a story of hope’s presence in everyday life.

Discover how to experience hope in your life.

The World Needs Hope by Sara McClellan

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From healing after grief to battling a child’s cancer diagnosis, The World Needs Hope features themes from the lives of real people. Genuine gratitude to all of the artistic contributors:

Hope is bravery.     Melinda Buttrey

Hope is comfort.     S.M. Hutchins

Hope is laughter.     Daniel M. Davis

Hope is language.     Joy Weber

Hope is innocence.     Jadyn Kinney and Cameron McClellan

Hope is passion.     Jennifer Phillips

Hope is fearlessness.     Jennifer Alexander

Hope is perseverance.     Kevin Cullen

Hope is healing.     Aurora Soto

Hope is motion.     Chris Adams

Hope is faith.     Jereme Clymer

Hope is openness.     David Butler

Hope is choice.     Stephanie Kubal

Hope is acceptance.     Sumbul Azhar

Hope is beauty.     Eliza K. Luna

Hope is creativity.     Eric Torres

Hope is compassion.     Randy Goode

Hope is surrender.     Amanda Sullivan