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Notes to My Sisters

January 19, 2017

Spiritual sisters, career sisters, traveling sisters, biological sisters, sisters I have yet to meet . . . to the ladies I love, respect, appreciate and admire, I have a few words for you.

Deepest gratitude for the off-hours texts and just-because calls. You never cease to amaze me with your heart, your wit and your ways of knowing where my heart drifts. Every prayer and every sweet hug are fathomless in my book of life.

Never, ever, ever give anyone the power to degrade you. Your joy, your trajectory and your very breath are for you and the Lord to command. Knock down the harsh words, judgmental stares and doubting intentions that may mar your path. Sweep it away swiftly.

Embrace your roots, smile forward and be present now. The past is a lingering lesson not a tether. The future is a glimmer of hope not a destination. Now is your gift and everything it should be. Love it, celebrate it, learn it and sink into it fully.

Resist measurement. Your eyes will break you down, piece by piece. Your worries will hold you captive. Your presumed obligations and expectations will throw you off balance. Accept the glory of you and the gift of exactly how you are wired, created and forged in faith.

Laugh as much as your cheeks and belly allow. Humor is grace let out. It lightens heavy burdens. It quells arguments. It puts thoughts into perspective. When paired with compassion, childlike curiosity and bubbly effervescence, it is the answer to oogley moments.

I welcome your wisdom below in the comments. May hope, love and light be yours today!

Sight Unseen

July 28, 2013

Having spent a couple of weeks scouring vehicle ads for a diamond in the rough, I can now report that the expression “sight unseen” takes on a whole new meaning. But, really, we all operate on a sight unseen mentality sometimes. How do you look at the world—its blessings and its bumps?

Embracing the intangible, noticing the little things and being aware of the emotions emanating from others . . . all of these are about choiceful presence. For instance, I recall vividly when a bus driver in New Zealand announced that we were passing over the southern 45th parallel. For most of the passengers, it was a blip at best. For me, it was the first time anyone had ever mentioned such a marker—proof that my travels had taken me to the other side of the globe that I liked to spin as a child. I let myself slip into a state of awe and watched the countryside a little closer as we whirred by.

This past weekend, a handful of people crossed my path. They could have gone sight unseen but something tugged at me to be present. Each had a unique story of loss, triumph and grace. I saw myself reflected in aspects of their journeys. I found my heart drawn to offering empathetic support. And, most notably, I discovered that what I noticed with my eyes was only a meager percentage of what I was hearing with my spirit.

Oh the true, deep, meaningful things you can experience when you pause to see people. Have you ever seen how transfixed some toddlers can be on a particular person? I can only imagine what their innocent little eyes are taking in. What about the gaze of an elderly woman? The ebb and flow of life she must have seen, and the experienced way she perceives the world now.

Take this week to consider: what are you surprised you didn’t notice sooner? And, as you turn in for bed each evening, look inward to your needs and your hopes. See where it takes you.