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Anchor Yourself in Light

February 13, 2015

One afternoon last week, I found myself exhausted and foggy. As sometimes happens, I had let my energetic tank dip past E. So, I decided that a bath would be necessary to unwind and try to salvage the remaining productivity of the day.

If you have a bustling existence, like mine, then you know that doing anything in the self-love category often comes with a time trade-off. Somehow, I managed to get the kids situated and leave my husband to his studies long enough to sneak into our master bathroom. I adjusted the blinds to let the outside, natural, soothing light stream in and started drawing a bath.

As I waited for it to fill, I recalled that I had a lovely bag of lively colored bath bombs from a local artisan. When I dropped half of the crumbly ball into the tub, something magical happened . . . I smiled like a little child playing with paints.

Bath Bomb Rainbow

In true “bomb” fashion, it was a fizzy explosion of color and scent. I watched it morph and glow and take over the tub. As I slid my foot in, I even tried not to disturb the rainbow dancing on the surface. However, my glee overcame me and I began using the bubbles as clown hair, funny shapes and towers of color.

Sinking into the warm water, I angled my head to look up and out the window above the tub. There, more magic unveiled itself. For a moment, I was this beautifully majestic tree swaying in the breeze and flirting with the sunlight. It seemed to be draped in a halo of calming, bright hope.

Sunlight Through Branches

What all of the bubbles and beaming reminded me is that we must (you and me) make time to anchor ourselves in light. The light never fades, moves or abandons us. We simply must reach for it, bathe in it and remember that it has the power to cleanse our spirits.

Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

March 2, 2014

Who do you serve? Perhaps, it’s your family, country, God, community, pets or work. But do you know what truly serves you?

Hope is one of the greatest acts of service to oneself. It reflects a deep belief in good, a passion for positive change and a willingness to take action to shape this world in helpful ways. So, hope serves to enhance your well-being. It gives us something other than static worry or recurring fear on which to focus. Since hope is contagious, it also serves others. Win win.

Hope is nourishment, fearlessness, laughter and so many other things addressed in my book. Therefore, it stands to reason that what serves to uplift you is living a full life crafted around love, giving, optimism and gratitude. In essence, it’s important to know what serves your mind, body and spirit in enriching ways.

To that end, do you fill your life with people and opportunities that serve you? People who cheer you on, challenge you to achieve your dreams, love you unconditionally, open your eyes to new possibilities and stand fast when you need to lean. Opportunities that expand your worldview, lift your spirits, raise your empathy, attune your awareness and leave you feeling lit from within. I ask because it’s important to know when to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

If you are struggling against potential guilt, foggy confusion or rising angst related to people or options in your life, think about where to let go. Let me help:

  1. How does this relationship or opportunity serve you? If you struggle to find redeeming value or feel like it is draining you beyond balance, it’s time to assess.
  2. How eager are you to make time for this person or take this step? If you dread an interaction or keep putting off action, consider what is holding you back.
  3. What words would you use to describe this relationship or opportunity? If you find yourself using negative lexicon or feeling anxious, lean into your feelings to identify the triggers.

The point is not to avoid all challenging people and moments. No. The key is to know that, even while you are forging a new path or overcoming a fear, you feel this person or opportunity serves to make your life better. Likewise, you have to be willing to take action either in mutual support for them or to embrace whatever the opportunity brings into your reality.

Now, there is another version of letting go that is vital to mention. It’s much more intimate, more difficult and more crucial to serving your best interests. Here is a thought cue:

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.” – Kahlil Gibran

This is probably one of the most difficult things in life. As a people, we struggle with change, we struggle with rejection, we struggle with comfort and we struggle with the fear of letting go of someone. I was reminded of this truth this week. And here is what I realized:

You can want to know, to support, to serve and to cherish another. However, if that person is holding you at arm’s length and unwilling to invest in the same way . . . the timing isn’t right. Let them go with no ill will, no judgment and no tethers. Let go with a loving heart.

This doesn’t have to be romance alone but involves all interpersonal dynamics. We fear letting go because we often get stuck in a cycle of, “I could have done more . . . maybe if I tried harder . . . if only I say it in a different way . . . or, if I stick it out this may change.” Trust me, dear one, people who honor your mind, body and spirit will be people who reach out to serve you too. Besides:

A true spark never fades but can reignite the candle between you when the time is right for you to share its glow.

So, let go of the anchors of your mind. Let go of whatever doesn’t serve you. For you to be of true service to yourself and others with the brightest light possible, you must be free to welcome the people and opportunities life has waiting just around the corner.

Little Princess Sophia

February 3, 2014

This past December, my inspiring friend, Jessica, reached out to a group of us with a gracious idea . . .

“Hello friends – I’m working on a special project and I wonder if I can ask for your help? As some of you know, our 4-year-old niece, Sophia, was born with a rare condition called Infant Glaucoma, which caused her to be almost entirely without sight from birth. Due to complications from many unsuccessful procedures to try to enhance her vision, Sophia underwent surgery to have her left eye removed the day after Thanksgiving. While the surgery and recovery are intense, Sophia is now out of the hospital and on the road to recovery . . . looking very forward to finally being pain-free for the first time in her sweet little life . . . She’s truly a special little girl who possesses such an incredible little spirit . . . In fact, on the day after her surgery, as she lay there recovering, Sophia said, ‘Mom, I love my life!’ . . . let’s shower Sophia and her parents with love and kindness from near and far.”

Here is a photo of their Wall of Love, with all of the cards and well wishes sent their way:


So, when I heard that several friends never received Christmas cards from me, I perused the picture closely. Sure enough, my offering had not made it through the postal system. Ah, but that only gives me an exceptional reason to honor Sophia here and to share some love now:

Oh Sophia, sweet little princess,
Delicate yet incredibly strong.
You are remarkable, nothing less.
You truly inspire me all day long.

May angels watch over your life’s dreams,
Bringing smiles to you every hour.
For bright hope from you certainly beams.
In your spirit is graceful power.

God bless you, beautiful Sophia.

So, friends, think of those around you who have a presence or light beyond your understanding, and send a little love note today. Don’t delay.


This Little Light of Mine

December 2, 2013

If the title inspires humming or the phrase, “I’m going to let it shine,” awesome.

As we continue our journey into December, it’s clear that winter comes with longer nights and overcast days. That does not have to be a bad thing but it may sap some of your shine. Ponder this:

To know darkness is to know thyself. To embrace the light is to embrace your potential.

Now, darkness is not a verdict and doesn’t have to be a burden. After all, shadows are only cast when there is a light source. So, shadows are both proof that light exists and evidence that our inner light reaches as far as we let it.

If all of this seems a bit metaphysical or paradoxical, hang in there. In several decades of life, I have seen the darkness, felt the depth of it and known the presence of shadows. In fact, my strength, my hope and my perseverance are all what they are today because of my paths in and out of those dark recesses. I know, with certainty, that light is my calling. For that, I am thankful.

However, the light will be challenged. Not may, not could, not might . . . it will. In fact, the brighter you shine and the more you glow, the more you can anticipate hurdles. Each hurdle you overcome, though, will give you momentum and resilience. And I’m here to tell you that you can overcome them.

I have been struggling recently. You see, sometimes people you love linger in darkness and pull to have you join them—it’s not intentional or even malicious, it’s a sense of loneliness and desperation. I understand it but I also see that the pull can deplete the light. It can dim your shine.

A dear and insightful friend told me today that, “God gave you a light. It lives within you and it is your job to protect it.” A wise woman, that one. She went on to say that it is meant to be shared with people who want to be pulled out not pull you into darkness.

I pondered that at length and in prayer. I am far more capable of choosing my well-being and setting healthy boundaries when I understand that I have something to cherish within me. As a fixer, a giver and a caretaker, I wouldn’t choose to safeguard myself . . . but I can choose to protect this gift of light.

So, as you face the darkness in yourself and others, do not fear. Instead, remember that you have a light to protect. That light is hope, it is love, it is forgiveness, it is you . . . and it is absolutely worth nurturing.

How Many Clouds Are in Your Sky?

November 20, 2013

Clouds in the SkyI was joking with my dear friend yesterday about there being a single scary cloud in the sky and, since that meant it might rain, I decided not to go running. This was funny to her for three reasons: 1) I am not scared of much, least of all fluffy puffy clouds; 2 ) I love love love rain and cloud shapes; and 3) I am not in any way or by any remote desire a runner (exceptions will be made for hungry jungle cats and menacing honey badgers).

As I am prone to do, this got me thinking. How many clouds are in your sky?

Consider the “what if” or “oh I can’t” perceptions you keep floating around. How many fill your sky? Perhaps, you are tethered like a balloon anchor to doubts about your appearance, worries about finances, hesitations about taking a career leap or intimidation over being bold.

Mental clouds are funny things. They can merely distract us or they can consume the light we need to thrive. They can be fluffs of white with wisps of stress or dark masses with thundering fear. Our clouds are what we forecast them to be and ride the stream of consciousness that we choose to entertain.

Here’s your chance to change them. Apply imagination and gusto (like wind clearing your mind) to transform them into your favorite things . . . your friends, your pets, your dreams, your purpose, your loved ones, your travel aspirations. Clouds can be anything you wish them to be. Take a second to lay your worries on the grass and look up to a sky dotted with happy little clouds, like Bob Ross did.


The Light of Hope

February 3, 2013

Have you ever been in a dim room, reaching . . . trying to find your way?

A dear friend, David, once told me the story of how he used the light from his cell phone screen to maneuver a dark room, so as not to wake his infant daughter. He said, in that moment, he was immediately wrapped up in the power of a tiny light—virtually imperceptible in the daylight—to cut through the darkness and guide his path.

This conversation came swimming back to me today as I listened to a discourse on “illumination.” Light is, in a word, hope. Yes, many of us enjoy turning down the lights to watch a movie, rest peacefully or let the lilt of music cascade into our senses. Still, consider the night lights coveted by children, candles at a wake or the first ray of sunshine after a storm. Light is the visible herald for hope.

Since light is responsible for our sense of sight, then light also contributes to our sense of hope. Moments of trial and uncertainty are often referred to as “dark times,” as we may strain to see the glow of hope in our lives. It’s there, like a lamp behind a curtain. We must choose to pull back the barrier and let the light of hope stream forth.

Like the visible, and seemingly invisible, spectrum of light in our world, hope has an array of intensities, tints and patterns. When we focus on the light, it shows us the path to hope. Such light radiates from us and between us; it warms our spirit and helps us better perceive the majesty all around us. You possess the light of hope. I hope you share it.


In closing, I invite you to be enlightened by David Butler’s understanding of light: dabutler.com. (Oh, and his work is showcased on the cover of “The World Needs Hope.”)