Friendly Surprises and Staches

January 21, 2014

Meet Manuel and his owl pal, Pete. They make me gleeful.Manuel and Pete

This adorable duo brings a smile to my face and is the creation of my charming friend, Michelle. Both of the boys like rockin’ their staches and seem to hold their own in a fashionable office flooded with women.

I could not resist sharing the pure childlike whimsy and, let’s face it, goofy gusto of these two. It’s a simple, playful reminder that hope is not just philosophical quotes, intense reflection and tough climbs. Hope is also innocence, laughter and creativity.

Look around you today. Pick out something completely silly, belly-laugh-out-loud funny and even slightly embarrassing to lift your spirits. It does the soul good.

Manuel is tech savvy with a great eye, so he likes to peruse Pinterest for a chuckle. Pete is a hoot with his addiction to jokes and good-natured pranks. Go forward, friends, and have a blast . . . staches optional.

Just Keep Chuckling

December 17, 2013

Hope is laughter. I say it often, even to my reflection in the mirror when I’m scowling over a chaotic day or realizing that the white hair sticking straight up off my head is not just bleached by the sun . . . or that it has friends hiding elsewhere in my locks. Yep, hardy har nature.

So, for sanity and humility, I have been keeping track of silly moments and how they can be transformed into fuel for hope. Here is the most recent highlight reel:

  • Pulling my laptop case out of my luggage and realizing that it freed every scrap of note paper I used on the plane, which all go sailing into the chilly wind . . . Hopeful part: seeing my dear friend (preggers, mind you) was swift enough to catch them with her foot. Brava!
  • Calling my bestie out of habit one night and remembering that it’s two hours ahead there . . . Hopeful part: she picked up anyway and had great news to share. Yeah synchronicity!
  • Reaching up to click the garage door opener on my car visor and remembering I don’t have one . . . Hopeful part: my old house has a new family celebrating their first Christmas in it.
  • Typing my password into WordPress to write this blog and realizing I was using credentials for another site entirely . . . Hopeful part: it reminded me to be present in the moment.
  • Writing a Madlib for my niece while explaining that “pink,” “princess” and “fly” can only be used once for each story . . . Hopeful part: she knew how to play with language well enough to make me giggle with “purply pink,” “prince” and “flying.” I can’t argue with creativity.
  • For the thousandth time, mistakenly telling the theatre ticket taker, “You too” after he said, “Enjoy the show” . . . Hopeful part: He said, “I absolutely will but you let me know how it is.”
  • Entering a conference call number and wondering why no one was calling in, only to recall that I was the host . . . Hopeful part: Technology allows for a speedy recovery.
  • Zipping to the coffee shop a few miles north of me without checking directions for my meeting, only to realize it was a mile south of my casa . . . Hopeful part: I got to hear my fave song on the radio.
  • Putting on a shirt inside out and walking out the door . . . Hopeful part: apparently I’m so out of touch with teen fashion that I’m, like, way trendy (purely by accident).

Pretty much, every day presents a chance to laugh at yourself, roll your eyes playfully at life or stop taking the little bumps too seriously. I welcome comments on your moments of laughter that inspired hope.

And, in honor of my wee nephew’s first birthday, here is a funny stache his sister “helped” him with that I pray makes him laugh . . . hopefully, someday.

Hope is Laughter - Stache

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