Searchlight Poem

The Soul’s Searchlight

June 28, 2018

I have found myself in a reflective space recently. At first, I assumed it was a survival mechanism for some chaotic waves . . . then, I realized it was a stirring of my creative soul calling me back to my poetic roots. So, indulge me, friends. Here is a piece from my Poet’s Soul series, written almost a decade ago. It’s called “Searchlight:”

Headstrong and heart long
the path of life beckons—
releasing prismatic inspiration
on the canvas of careworn time.

Calling in unsung melodies—
a heart and mind sway rhythmically
to chords of verity and epic depth,
fueled by a masquerading glory.

Cast aside expectation and strife,
burrow into the clarity of “if,”
deny no whim, nor shade no beam—
for a moment, let all fade to balance.

Search in the eyes of an assumed stranger
and find the warmth of ages—
comforting smiles, playful glances—
more reality than myth demands.

Permeating to the core,
distilling the elements never uttered
but always sought from self—
mirroring the best of one as more.

Poetry means many things to many people, and it can change with time. For me, this rings of the unstoppable pull of life experience, the desire to feel and see all that a soul can discover, and the connected little lights that glimmer from inside all of us. I hope you enjoy.

Friendly Surprises and Staches

January 21, 2014

Meet Manuel and his owl pal, Pete. They make me gleeful.Manuel and Pete

This adorable duo brings a smile to my face and is the creation of my charming friend, Michelle. Both of the boys like rockin’ their staches and seem to hold their own in a fashionable office flooded with women.

I could not resist sharing the pure childlike whimsy and, let’s face it, goofy gusto of these two. It’s a simple, playful reminder that hope is not just philosophical quotes, intense reflection and tough climbs. Hope is also innocence, laughter and creativity.

Look around you today. Pick out something completely silly, belly-laugh-out-loud funny and even slightly embarrassing to lift your spirits. It does the soul good.

Manuel is tech savvy with a great eye, so he likes to peruse Pinterest for a chuckle. Pete is a hoot with his addiction to jokes and good-natured pranks. Go forward, friends, and have a blast . . . staches optional.

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