Where’s the Love?

As I encounter fans of the book, one question tends to surface now and again, “Where’s the love?” Specifically, some people want to know why I did not include a “Hope is love” chapter. The short answer is that love is woven throughout the book. The more provocative answer is that love is so powerful, so personal and so expansive that one chapter would not do.

Ah, now I want to turn this question around on you, “Where’s the love?” So many people seek love, fantasize about love, pour over books and movies about love . . . yet so few actually love themselves fully from within. Where is the love for yourself?

Hope for true love and hope for lasting love is a deeply intimate and outwardly focused emotion. If you take even a small percentage of that fervor and channel it inward to your heart, imagine the glorious confidence, fulfillment and outlook you might achieve. Such love is a mirror of the divine, of the connection between us all and of the grand gift that your existence truly is. I love you. I mean it. God loves you. I hope you love you.

From there, your ability to love others, to show love and (here’s the clincher) to accept love will be stronger. I’m asking you to make an investment in yourself, thereby making an investment in us all as a global community.

Think of the TLC, the patience, the forgiveness and the time you show others (I hope). You are equally important and worthy of this respectful affinity. Try owning the following statements:

  • I am a blessing.
  • I am unique.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am gifted.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am loved.
  • I love myself.

Love isn’t about perfection. I always say that loving someone, including yourself, even more because of the flaws (not in spite of them) is the glory of love. One more tidbit to soak into your senses: you can love selflessly and still love yourself. Loving others selflessly merely means having a bearing in empathy, so that you can be attuned to their needs, emotions and dreams.

So, the next time I ask, “Where’s the love?” I pray you point to your chest and say, “Here!” I’ll have a loving hug of support waiting in return.


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