What’s Your Love List?

Love is our greatest capacity and our most precious gift. Whenever I am asked why “Hope is Love” was not a chapter in “The World Needs Hope,” I simply say that love stands on its own. It is such a personal, intimate, sweeping concept that a chapter could not have done it justice. So, why do I write about it now?

Well, having seen the grieving and afflicted struggle with hope, I have found that a deep awareness of love helps to set a foundation for healing. The truth of love is that we must first know love within ourselves. So, I was joyfully surprised by a recent email from a dear friend, whom challenged me to write a Love List.

I have seen many forms of this list but the one I share now is focused on what you love. Think of it like a tuning fork for a piano—you have to set your vibration to be in tune with your heart, so that love will ring true inward to outward. Hold nothing back and, perhaps, chuckle during the process. Here is an excerpt from my Love List to amuse and inspire:

I love walking along the grass at night after the sprinklers go off, when mist is still clinging to the air; diving into a pool right as the sun blazes from behind a tree; burying everything but my head in blankets on a cold night, so I can hibernate; dancing around the house and letting my body flow unhindered; singing “Part of Your World” in the shower; open intellectual and spiritual conversations that make me think with my mind and my heart; meditation to find the silence within the silence; energetic practice that cultivates enlightenment; our heavenly Creator; seeing a child run joyfully to your embrace; jumping 13,000 feet from a plane into 90 blessed seconds of weightless free fall to know what being present really means; giving to others with an open heart; seeing hope twinkle to life in the eyes of someone battling the darkness; my stuffed lamb from childhood; laughter in every form, especially body shaking belly laughter; angel armies watching over us; hugs that turn into nuzzles; the tickle of a beard; intimate moments that require no words but say worlds; cooking and sharing nourishment with friends; getting lost in someone’s eyes; driving fast and hearing the engine growl; feeling victorious after accomplishing a task; sea salt; sitting by the ocean with the sand and the wind as company; the smell of pine against the snow; making snow angels; watching in awe as someone realizes their true purpose; being wanted; my hair color and its quirky character; crawling into fresh sheets right out of the dryer; rock climbing to push my body and focus my mind; sketching on napkins; haikus that have funny messages; meeting new people that feel like old friends; feeling seen for all I am; playful little puppies; holding a new baby so delicately; fireworks fireworks fireworks; bursting into spontaneous expression; witty banter; being connected to every soul in the world; macaroni and cheese; tea ceremony; learning new things and new ways of thinking; being inspired by the Spirit; surrendering to my empathy to hold space for another; being present and savoring a moment; traveling the world; getting to know local people and cultures; firm, heartfelt hugs; making love; embracing my inner child; knowing that loved ones who have passed are still part of me; amazing theatre, symphony and movies that catch the emotion in my throat; flying; dreaming; irresistible chemistry; cool tile under my feet; turning to see a partner drinking in my presence; charcoals, pastels, pencils and thumbs to smear and create art; losing track of time in a Japanese zen garden; having an ah ha moment that makes me smile; discovering more about nutrition and the value of true food; water; eating whole lemons, sans seeds; dark chocolate; good news; balanced, interesting people who lead by example; candlelight, starlight, firelight, sunrise and sunset; moon prayer; being a writer; train rides; owning my inner goofball; a fresh start each day . . .

As you can see, what you love is up to you. It is a mélange of feelings, sensations, experiences, desires and appreciation. Your Love List is what you make it. Knowing what you love inspires immense gratitude, tunes your “frequency” to pulling those things further into your life and reminds you that with this vast ability to love . . . hope and all things are possible.

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