‘Twas the Hope Before Christmas

‘Twas the hope before Christmas
When across the world
One tiny child was stirring
Oh, how her heart swirled.

Her mom asleep on the floor
By the fire so small
In hopes that a company
With some job would call.

The little girl was nestled
Next to her dear mom
Counting cracks in the ceiling
Trying to stay calm.

Clutching the tattered blanket
A single tear fell
As she heard something outside
What, she couldn’t tell.

The girl prayed with all her might
But the clatter grew
Her mother woke with a start
It was dark, she knew.

She crept to the small window
And saw such a flash
That made her heart skip a beat
‘Twas too late to dash.

Knowing they were trespassing
She feared for them both
The thought of being apart
She did deeply loathe.

When what to her frightened eyes
Should appear but bags
Filled with food and fresh linen
Their names on the tags!

Held by the kind bearded man
From the church mission
She recalled his rosy face
‘Twas Nick and his son.

The little girl grinned widely
Her mom relieved now
It was not fear at her door
Grace found them, somehow.

Nick lit candles and gave hugs
His belly jiggled
Shadows danced in the lit room
And the girl giggled.

Now have light
Now have faith
Now have food
Now have peace.

On past tears
On past hurt
On past fears
Hope is here.

“I bring you good news,” Nick said
“For just down the street
Thursday a job awaits you
They’re eager to meet.”

The woman wept tears of joy
Her daughter clung tight
Her quiet prayer was granted
This Christmas Eve night.

Remember, hold on to hope
Help those who have less
Give freely from your spirit
That’s true happiness.

Merry Christmas from my heart
Hopeful tidings to you all!

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