Thriving in a #StayHome World

If you had asked me 10 days ago to predict what life would be like right now, I would have been egregiously off mark. I felt the media was being its sensational and opportunistic self, bombarding people with fear mongering and scare tactics.

It's a humbling experience to dig into the facts, speak to friends in the healthcare arena, and read about families stripped of their loved ones and their health. So, I stopped rebelling and, instead, began mourning.

Mourning lost freedom, mourning a quiet house not overrun with wifi warfare, mourning conversations that didn't contain coronavirus, mourning an inbox barren of "what we're doing for COVID-19," mourning income shifts, mourning the ability to simply go out for breakfast or a sushi dinner, and mourning the long-anticipated Hawaiian vacation I would have taken with my preschooler this week.

In lieu of dismissing my feelings as selfish, I gave myself one week to grieve. First world problems or not, I needed to embrace the hurt, the sadness, the frustration and the confusion. On the other side, I see it's time to establish a new norm.

cultivating resources
Almost unknowingly, I have been spending a lot of time over the last week cultivating resources. Here's what I have to share:

cultivating c.a.l.m.
Now for something a bit more mindful and soul-stretching. Here's a mantra I'm using to keep the peace within and help me reflect the love of God to everyone:

c compassion—for self, for family, for the jobless, for the hungry, for the sick, for neighbors, for other countries, for the people of this world (every one of them)
awareness—hand washing, respectful distance, meal planning, pausing to pray or meditate, limiting media time, talking with not just "at" my family
l light—stoking the flames of optimism, exercising hope, being full of faith, sending little notes to others, using kindness as a currency, forgiving without being asked
m motivation—not losing my fitness progress by making excuses or binge eating, keeping a schedule for myself and my kids, cleaning the house, writing this blog, getting outside for a walk, turning on upbeat music to dance out the stress

I invite you to stay c.a.l.m. and be a positive force during uncertain times. Much love.

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  • Hi Sara
    Love this post. Thank you!
    Hope you, David and your children are doing well.
    Stay well


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