This Little Light of Mine

If the title inspires humming or the phrase, “I’m going to let it shine,” awesome.

As we continue our journey into December, it’s clear that winter comes with longer nights and overcast days. That does not have to be a bad thing but it may sap some of your shine. Ponder this:

To know darkness is to know thyself. To embrace the light is to embrace your potential.

Now, darkness is not a verdict and doesn’t have to be a burden. After all, shadows are only cast when there is a light source. So, shadows are both proof that light exists and evidence that our inner light reaches as far as we let it.

If all of this seems a bit metaphysical or paradoxical, hang in there. In several decades of life, I have seen the darkness, felt the depth of it and known the presence of shadows. In fact, my strength, my hope and my perseverance are all what they are today because of my paths in and out of those dark recesses. I know, with certainty, that light is my calling. For that, I am thankful.

However, the light will be challenged. Not may, not could, not might . . . it will. In fact, the brighter you shine and the more you glow, the more you can anticipate hurdles. Each hurdle you overcome, though, will give you momentum and resilience. And I’m here to tell you that you can overcome them.

I have been struggling recently. You see, sometimes people you love linger in darkness and pull to have you join them—it’s not intentional or even malicious, it’s a sense of loneliness and desperation. I understand it but I also see that the pull can deplete the light. It can dim your shine.

A dear and insightful friend told me today that, “God gave you a light. It lives within you and it is your job to protect it.” A wise woman, that one. She went on to say that it is meant to be shared with people who want to be pulled out not pull you into darkness.

I pondered that at length and in prayer. I am far more capable of choosing my well-being and setting healthy boundaries when I understand that I have something to cherish within me. As a fixer, a giver and a caretaker, I wouldn’t choose to safeguard myself . . . but I can choose to protect this gift of light.

So, as you face the darkness in yourself and others, do not fear. Instead, remember that you have a light to protect. That light is hope, it is love, it is forgiveness, it is you . . . and it is absolutely worth nurturing.

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