The Value of Borrowed Time

Think back to a moment in your life when you had a near miss or a miracle save.

I recall getting lost in a big foreign city one winter night and realizing with a heart-dropping plunk that I had wandered down an alley that was wildly unsafe. Somehow the gruff men arguing within earshot did not see me . . . somehow I navigated safely back to a crowded street.

Another whoa moment? I was body surfing solo in Hawaii in a secluded cove and didn’t have time to respond to the swell just feet away. It felt like a linebacker punched my chest, as I went under and got caught in the rip tide. I was hurled into sharp coral, dragged along the bottom and, somehow, tossed up to the surface for air. I emerged with half a dozen nasty bruises and a deep gash in my foot . . . but I survived.

You surely have narrow escapes. Those near miss moments are borrowed time. And, if we accept that we are living every day in borrowed time, doesn’t that change how we act, what we say and who we value?

Borrowed time is a present from God, an eye-opening wonder and something that far too many of us fail to recognize. That extra span of time with loved ones, a fresh start on past misconceptions . . . a chance to act like our lives are the gifts they truly are.

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