The New New Year

With virtually the whole world focused on January 1 and the countdown to a fresh page on the Gregorian calendar, it was intriguing to hear about the “resets” intended in the lifestyles, Facebook profiles and choices of so many. I simply tilted my head at the thought that a day full of hangovers, house cleaning and sports could so influence the psyche of such a broad people. Hmmm.

Perplexed, I tried to get onboard and consider January 1 a fresh start. I attempted to schedule more gym time, let go of past relationships and focus more on wellness-motivated endeavors. Ok, that was so so. Then, I tried January 2 and 3, but meetings, work, laundry, bills and grocery shopping claimed my time. Plus, admittedly, a little sleep to catch up from all of the holiday revelry of the prior two weeks. I considered January 4 but it was the close of the week, a friend’s birthday party and a day of errands. When January 5 came around, I was too exhausted to even think about resetting anything but the channel on Pandora. Well, huh. I meditated and sought inner guidance. The clear answer: January 6 is the beginning of a hopeful new year. Obviously.

It’s about clearing that which does not serve us, disposing of the debris of holiday indulgence (as well as crispy Christmas trees) and remembering what the rhythm of life feels like. Then, I saw this article, “January 6 is most depressing day of year, study says.” Ouch.

Let’s pause for a moment. No offense to the U.K., but their studies are notoriously skewed in a somber direction with such past gems as “Happiness study finds that UK is passing point of peak life satisfaction.” Way to be a bucket full of rainbows, Brits. God love ya.

If you sense sarcasm in my voice, ding ding. Being hopeful doesn’t mean that you have to be sickeningly sweet or unrealistically buoyant. Every breath of every minute of every hour of every day is a chance to reset, my friends.

I persisted. Post meditation and with an open heart, I saw a post from an inspiring Italian friend who shared a story like this: “The night before Epiphany in Italy . . . ” It’s an interesting notion and made me think about how one individual can recognize the goodness in others. Moreover, Wikipedia notes that Befana, “will sweep the floor before she leaves . . . sweeping away . . . problems of the year.” Sweeping away the problems of the year? I love it. That’s a hopeful act, indeed.

So, instead of giving into the mass media hysteria of when you are supposed to be a new you, when you are expected to be depressed and how many ways life is falling short, try sweeping. Sweep away the woes, sweep away the worries, sweep away the relationships that abuse, sweep away the idea that you aren’t worth it, sweep away the obstacles to your hopeful new year.

Much love and abundant hope to Lilli Peter at Quantum Neter for this “epiphany.”

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