The Hopeful Beginning

Since publishing “The World Needs Hope” in November 2012, people love to ask me about the process and, specifically, how the idea came to me.

“Hope?” I often smile and playfully reply. “My hope came with me into this world . . . the book, on the other hand, came to me over more than a decade, as I gradually selected the right words and surrendered to the right time to breathe it to life.”

Hope has always been a part of my life. My dear mother could tell you stories about my grand dreams and my resilient optimism. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, which I will likely pull into this blog from time to time, meant that ice forts in snowbanks and riverside forest adventures were my first classrooms. My perspective on life is a simple one: Hope is all around us.

Like an old painting exposed to time, light and air, people take on wear and show traces of their trials. I, too, have faced the dark climb back into the light and know the personal stamina, faith and hope it takes to seek out a glimmer of happiness. Loss of friends and loved ones, including my father and grandparents, impacted my life story.

Years later, I answered the call to serve others as a grief recovery facilitator, mentor and speaker. Still, every single day is a choice. And every single day, I choose hope. Why? Because hope is a boundless gift—a chance to believe in yourself and take action for positive change. Hope is as simple as word choice and as dynamic as jumping from a plane to transcend fear.

So, how did the idea come to me? From within. Now, my mission is to share it with you.

With hope,

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