Spokes and Spinning Wheels

I felt dizzily fragmented recently. I exist in three realms, all blessings: advisor, author and advocate.

  1. I advise brands on communications strategy and engagement (I love supporting the hope of achievement, as amazing ideas come to life).
  2. I am an author in the literal sense and via this blog (I get jazzed about sharing a hopeful outlook and offering insights).
  3. I am also an advocate (I offer grief facilitation and mentoring on the pursuit of purpose, one-one-one by referral or as God calls me).

All are rewarding, all require time and all call for spiritual stamina. I was struggling to feel rooted, to be focused and to balance all directions. Then, I prayed, I paused and I smiled.

All of us are hubs, with many spokes streaming outward. Each spoke is valid. Each ties into our core beliefs, our spiritual gifts and our unique talents.

Hope WheelThat hub may spin but it remains constant. It is the source and the stability of all outward efforts. It may be forged of faith, fortitude, inspiration, creativity or passion. It radiates the true essence of who we are and determines how we express ourselves.

So, taking away the frame of worldly things like finances, esteem and obligation, trust your hub. Believe in your core. Acknowledge your callings. Celebrate your spokes and know that when life gets dizzy, it simply means you are experiencing one fantastic ride.

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