Shore to Shore Self-Discovery

Ever felt like the winds of change were blowing head on in your direction?

Take a cue from sailing. Odd as it may seem when we’re kicking around dry land, ships seek out gusty winds. A Mississippi boat captain once explained it to me as a “sorta zig zag” course up the river to “dance with the wind” and make steady progress.

Shore to ShoreIn other words, direct (like playing chicken with the wind) may not be the proper course for life, even if your stubborn nature and icy resolve tell you to try it. Indirect is the way to sway and, as they say in sailing, “beat” the course from here to your upwind destination.

Why the sailing metaphors? Well, we are all afloat on the river of life and some strategies force us to battle, strain and fret. Try a shore to shore approach to go from one stable point to the other.

Consider that we adopt different perspectives, opinions and goals continually through life. Shouldn’t we, then, spend time pausing on one shore before meandering to the next? Maybe that extra beat of reflection will give us the energy, clarity and motivation to continue our journey successfully.

In addition, as you zig to one shore and zag to the next, you may find little pebbles of hope that help you slowly value yourself, recognize your skills and honor your needs. Facing down the winds of change equals blurry vision and a stressed body. However, swaying and giving yourself time to enjoy the journey may introduce you to a lifelong dance partner.


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