Nothing Impossible WITH God

Even if you are not "into" church or perhaps go as a CEO (Christmas-Easter only), you may recognize Luke 1:37 (CSB). "For nothing will be impossible with God."

In fact, it may look familiar because it was painted in watercolors on a canvas tote, etched into a piece of jewelry, or turned into an inspirational graphic. 

Early in life, I recall this verse tied to athletics. The chant of NFL players and track stars looking to beat their records, or perform amazing feats of strength. Drawing strength from God is awesome . . . but it's not just the big words that carry the weight of meaning.

Consider the word "with" in this line. It's a seemingly innocuous or even unnecessary word. However, swap it out and put "for." "For God" gives all the focus to God's acts alone. Yes, He's the mightiest of mighty. To say, "Nothing is impossible for God" is to state a capital "T" truth.

The Holy Spirit nudged me to consider "with" here. To me, it's a beautiful call out—so subtle, yet so powerful—to the true nature of our Lord: relationship. Nothing was/is/will be impossible "with God," is to say that walking with Him, praying with Him, crying with Him, celebrating with Him, studying with Him, loving the world with Him, and being with Him is the key to every possible thing. 

The shift goes from our want of something and our desire to have "things" . . . to emptying ourselves into "nothing" apart from Him. It seems contrary to our world because it is. It's all about being connected to God and pouring that grace out to others. When we focus on the "with," we reframe our energy toward God's path for our future—one of grace, love, contentment and purpose.

Thoughts For Further Study: Dive into the "will be" as a future tense of all things to come—a promise of sorts. Or, ponder the use of "nothing" and "impossible" as lock-and-key counterpoints to each other.

If you're new to this blog (welcome). There are many Bible translations. I don't presume to know it all or even try. My calling is to encourage your exploration, and invite you to get to know our Heavenly Father yourself. Peace be with you.

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