Music for a Tired Soul

Depleted. Drained. Tired. Foggy. Exhausted. We all feel like this sometimes. In Arizona, those words can occur at 10 a.m. as the 100+ degree heat saps every pore. I chuckle and think of the Wicked Witch after Dorothy threw water on her, “I’m melting.”

As I pulled open the coffee shop door this afternoon, I felt the hot breath of summer at my back and the cool nip of air conditioning at my brow. In that doorway, my energy seemed to slip away. Yes, coffee might charge me up for a bit or even the lively chatter of other patrons. However, it took plugging into my iTunes library to really get me on track.

I realized, like an echo of a previous awareness, that music is made for the soul. Certainly, it incites love, pumps up weight lifters, calms elevator passengers and makes teenagers scream. What I adore most about music is how the notes are like drops of hopeful motivation. How creativity, laughter, excitement and renewed focus all flow from the chords.

Likely, each of you can think of a stressful, emotional or challenging encounter that made your energy fizzle. If faced with a similar situation in the future, perhaps you could turn to a favorite song to give you a boost (and a happy buffer from the world).

Time for you to be the DJ.
What bands, ballads or beats would you choose to amp up your hope on a pick-me-up playlist?

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