Morning Walk in Narnia

Yesterday, I discovered a portal. It was cut in along the sea, slippery with mud from the evening’s rain and overgrown with plants playing shadow puppets.

HaHei Beach

The sun was barely able to peek through at first, making the path nearly indiscernible. So, I followed the shreds of light with hope of learning the secret of this land.Ascending from Hahei Beach

Atop the hills, I found the sun cresting the horizon and illuminating my perspective.
Sunrise May 20

Sun cresting the horizon

Then, the light became so bright that shapes began to shift, and I found myself racing down a rocky path toward the voice of the surf and the call of Tui birds.

Cathedral Cove Beach

To my amazement and delight, I had crossed over into the Land of Narnia.

Early light on the cove

I was walking, running and soaking in the very places I had seen in a dream.

Cathedral Cover

Rock face jutting into the sea

In front of Cathedral Cove

Even the waters seemed magical, filled with hope and whirling toward me like they were dancing.

Tide dancing at the cove

But the spinning was replaced by a dim fog and the outline of familiar things.

Misty morning walk

I asked a tree which way to go and he pointed me back through the blurry portal from Narnia to reality.

Tree points the way

As I blinked and got my bearings, I saw the houses of Hahei in the distance, bright with morning and waking from their own dreams. They had no idea the adventure I had just been on.

Lush vegetation atop Hahei

Here’s hoping each day you see where your dreams take you. You may be happily surprised.

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