Little Princess Sophia

This past December, my inspiring friend, Jessica, reached out to a group of us with a gracious idea . . .

“Hello friends – I’m working on a special project and I wonder if I can ask for your help? As some of you know, our 4-year-old niece, Sophia, was born with a rare condition called Infant Glaucoma, which caused her to be almost entirely without sight from birth. Due to complications from many unsuccessful procedures to try to enhance her vision, Sophia underwent surgery to have her left eye removed the day after Thanksgiving. While the surgery and recovery are intense, Sophia is now out of the hospital and on the road to recovery . . . looking very forward to finally being pain-free for the first time in her sweet little life . . . She’s truly a special little girl who possesses such an incredible little spirit . . . In fact, on the day after her surgery, as she lay there recovering, Sophia said, ‘Mom, I love my life!’ . . . let’s shower Sophia and her parents with love and kindness from near and far.”

Here is a photo of their Wall of Love, with all of the cards and well wishes sent their way:


So, when I heard that several friends never received Christmas cards from me, I perused the picture closely. Sure enough, my offering had not made it through the postal system. Ah, but that only gives me an exceptional reason to honor Sophia here and to share some love now:

Oh Sophia, sweet little princess,
Delicate yet incredibly strong.
You are remarkable, nothing less.
You truly inspire me all day long.

May angels watch over your life’s dreams,
Bringing smiles to you every hour.
For bright hope from you certainly beams.
In your spirit is graceful power.

God bless you, beautiful Sophia.

So, friends, think of those around you who have a presence or light beyond your understanding, and send a little love note today. Don’t delay.


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