Letter to My Niece on Her Birthday

Hey there sweet girl,

Do you know how proud of you I am? Try to count the stars in the sky and it will still be higher than that. Do you know how much I adore you? Feel the glow of the sun and know my heart glows at least that brightly for you. You are my princess, my cutie pie.

Baby J

You are growing into such a caring, beautiful and funny young lady. You remind me of myself at your age (but more adorable). I watch you learning to be the oldest—I know it’s a lot of pressure and not always easy, but it is a gift to have siblings. I see how determined you are to have things just so—no one is perfect, so don’t spend time in worry or stress. I notice you finding your witty voice—use this power for good. You make me laugh, challenge me and inspire me. Thank you.

Toddler J

Seven full years, God has blessed me with you in my life. Seven full years I have felt the joyful responsibility of being your Aunt Sawa and the joy of being your buddy. You astonish me with your reading skills, your attention to the needs of others and your funny faces. Keep working on all of them; they will serve you well. Goofy voices will be next and, I know, “silly Sawa.”

Young J

Remember that there is only one of you and you are precious. Anyone (and I mean anyone) who ever tries to make you feel unwanted, less than pretty or stupid is not worth your time. Pay them no attention and have faith in yourself. I will always have faith in you. I will also be here to defend you and offer support.

Sleeping JI realize that I cannot take you to play every day and I, too, miss movie nights at Sawa’s house. We will find new, exciting adventures. Keep an open mind, be kind to others and watch your words. Words can lift up people or hurt them . . . lifting is what we do. If you see someone hurting, make sure they feel loved. Tears are not weakness, simply feelings trickling from our souls.

Playful JNever look at others and feel jealous. Things are just things. Everyone has different gifts, different possessions and different ways of looking at the world. The images you see in magazines are like cartoons—people use pens and lights and tricks to make them seem real. Real beauty lives in the heart, is expressed through the spirit and shines in your eyes.

Smiley JDon’t listen to people who try to tempt you, trick you or make you do things you feel you shouldn’t—those people are not your friends. You just be the best you. Love God with all your heart. Whether you know it or not, He is always there helping to steer you the right way.

Steer J

Ask me anything and know I will not judge. Also know that if I sense you being mean, I will call you out. I am here to guide and to help, and sometimes you may not like me for it. Still, I will never stop loving you.

Creative J

Learn as much as you can, give your all to what you do and make time to be creative. Most of all, trust and believe that I could not wish for a better niece than you, my darling.

Aunt Sawa

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