Just Keep Chuckling

Hope is laughter. I say it often, even to my reflection in the mirror when I’m scowling over a chaotic day or realizing that the white hair sticking straight up off my head is not just bleached by the sun . . . or that it has friends hiding elsewhere in my locks. Yep, hardy har nature.

So, for sanity and humility, I have been keeping track of silly moments and how they can be transformed into fuel for hope. Here is the most recent highlight reel:

  • Pulling my laptop case out of my luggage and realizing that it freed every scrap of note paper I used on the plane, which all go sailing into the chilly wind . . . Hopeful part: seeing my dear friend (preggers, mind you) was swift enough to catch them with her foot. Brava!
  • Calling my bestie out of habit one night and remembering that it’s two hours ahead there . . . Hopeful part: she picked up anyway and had great news to share. Yeah synchronicity!
  • Reaching up to click the garage door opener on my car visor and remembering I don’t have one . . . Hopeful part: my old house has a new family celebrating their first Christmas in it.
  • Typing my password into WordPress to write this blog and realizing I was using credentials for another site entirely . . . Hopeful part: it reminded me to be present in the moment.
  • Writing a Madlib for my niece while explaining that “pink,” “princess” and “fly” can only be used once for each story . . . Hopeful part: she knew how to play with language well enough to make me giggle with “purply pink,” “prince” and “flying.” I can’t argue with creativity.
  • For the thousandth time, mistakenly telling the theatre ticket taker, “You too” after he said, “Enjoy the show” . . . Hopeful part: He said, “I absolutely will but you let me know how it is.”
  • Entering a conference call number and wondering why no one was calling in, only to recall that I was the host . . . Hopeful part: Technology allows for a speedy recovery.
  • Zipping to the coffee shop a few miles north of me without checking directions for my meeting, only to realize it was a mile south of my casa . . . Hopeful part: I got to hear my fave song on the radio.
  • Putting on a shirt inside out and walking out the door . . . Hopeful part: apparently I’m so out of touch with teen fashion that I’m, like, way trendy (purely by accident).

Pretty much, every day presents a chance to laugh at yourself, roll your eyes playfully at life or stop taking the little bumps too seriously. I welcome comments on your moments of laughter that inspired hope.

And, in honor of my wee nephew’s first birthday, here is a funny stache his sister “helped” him with that I pray makes him laugh . . . hopefully, someday.

Hope is Laughter - Stache

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