It's Complicated

When people ask about my feelings on this wonky year, all I can honestly utter is, "It's complicated." I do so with a smile and maybe a groan, but it's true.

The funny (interesting not haha) part is that I'm being as authentic as I can about a year that has defied all expectation. However, it got me pondering . . . is complicated really that bad?

A 1000-piece puzzle could be considered complicated by some but I revel in the challenge—well, at least until that final piece goes missing under the coffee table, or I realize begrudgingly that the fur on the llama is much harder to discern from the fluffy rug in the background. But I digress.

Raising children is complicated. No arguments, take backs or Insta perfection here. It's hard, messy, trying and sometimes exhausting. But it's so incredibly worth it and such a fun, humbling ride.

Marriage is a beast of complications. Collaborating, compromising and sharing. If some of us were honest (ahem), we resist the urge to throw a toddler-style tantrum with full flailing on the floor, dramatic kicking and screeching our demands. No judgment here, only a compassionate reminder that God is always there to inspire our best when we cannot be it on our own.

Running a business is complicated. Clients, taxes, marketing, juggling, compromising, long calls and lots of people to please. But I wouldn't trade the happy high of getting it right, meeting I-can't-believe-God-brought-us-together friends and feeling the bursts of small victories for the betterment of others.

So, when I think of complicated, I realize she is a friend who has been by my side since childhood. Complicated pushes me to rethink life and grow. Complicated keeps me from being stagnant. Complicated is a woman of many mysteries, many ideas and many opportunities. I'll take her hand now and again. She's never dull.

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