I Spy With My Hopeful Eye

Some of us wear glasses to see better. Others brighten a room or open a window. I find that I see best when I walk around, turn down the volume on my frenzied thoughts and really look at the details of life. In fact, that seems to be when my hopeful eye lands on the most interesting things.

So, instead of posting photos from all of the sights I took in yesterday, I want to describe some of them to you and determine if, perhaps, you can see them with the same hopeful eye.

  1. An older gentleman paused behind his wife mid-walkway in the zoo, fingers scratching her sweater gently, looking for the itch in the middle of her back, and smiling to himself as she shifted and chuckled at the elusiveness of it—I smiled to myself
  2. A dainty little girl with a spunky spirit, dressed in her school uniform amidst a sea of other children in similar garb, waiting (as patiently as she could) to see the rare bird show . . . when suddenly she reached her sit-still tolerance and hopped up right in front of me to shake her arms and body in a little dance to amuse her friends—it amused me too
  3. A female koala I was able to meet up close and personal as she delicately selected eucalyptus leaves from a branch, knowing by smell which ones were fresh (all of the leaves are poisonous though, at varying levels; koalas have simply adapted to a niche in nature that allows them to digest these leaves)—I was in awwww, then awe
  4. A mime dressed like Charlie Chaplin, dancing around a street lamp with a sign that said “feed the statue” and a spark of whimsical hijinks in his eye—the idea of a Brit, made famous by American movies, idolized here in jest by an Aussie had me spinning in playful thought
  5. The expansive Sydney shoreline, with ferries, taxies, ships, speedboats and tourists dotting the harbors and filling the air with a din of activity—I see something new and intriguing every minute
  6. A pair of young Japanese tourists who appeared to be on their honeymoon, with him pulling her in for a bold kiss and she looking around with a blush to see who might have noticed . . . then ever so gently taking his hand and swinging it lightly as they walked to see the Opera House—a sweet sight
  7. A six-month-old baby girl on the ferry who seemed to find me fascinating and smiled or gurgled every time I looked over—I tried to set her up with available little American boys I know (my dear nephew, my best friend’s son) but she was already taken LOL
  8. A weathered, older man with a hauntingly beautiful voice singing for his supper along the docks as he strummed his little, careworn guitar, and pulling out all the stops with Dylan, Cash, CCR and Clapton—he was such an authentic soul
  9. A bustling throng of workers streaming from the train at Newtown, heading like pinballs to grocery marts, homes, bars and dry cleaners, all on their own trajectory with their own stories and desires—I found each a little ballad for humanity and watched in rapt attention
  10. The scent of loose leaf jasmine tea brewing slowing to its steamy precipice after I had woven in and out of cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and kiosks asking for a proper pot of tea—I had to sip in wonder as wine, water and soda flowed around me in varying degrees of bubbles and intentions

These are merely a few hope-filled moments from a humble writer’s mind. I imagine your vantage point is equally glorious, if you perch there for a while. Savor the view.


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