How Many Clouds Are in Your Sky?

Clouds in the SkyI was joking with my dear friend yesterday about there being a single scary cloud in the sky and, since that meant it might rain, I decided not to go running. This was funny to her for three reasons: 1) I am not scared of much, least of all fluffy puffy clouds; 2 ) I love love love rain and cloud shapes; and 3) I am not in any way or by any remote desire a runner (exceptions will be made for hungry jungle cats and menacing honey badgers).

As I am prone to do, this got me thinking. How many clouds are in your sky?

Consider the “what if” or “oh I can’t” perceptions you keep floating around. How many fill your sky? Perhaps, you are tethered like a balloon anchor to doubts about your appearance, worries about finances, hesitations about taking a career leap or intimidation over being bold.

Mental clouds are funny things. They can merely distract us or they can consume the light we need to thrive. They can be fluffs of white with wisps of stress or dark masses with thundering fear. Our clouds are what we forecast them to be and ride the stream of consciousness that we choose to entertain.

Here’s your chance to change them. Apply imagination and gusto (like wind clearing your mind) to transform them into your favorite things . . . your friends, your pets, your dreams, your purpose, your loved ones, your travel aspirations. Clouds can be anything you wish them to be. Take a second to lay your worries on the grass and look up to a sky dotted with happy little clouds, like Bob Ross did.


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