Honor Your Essence

If every act in your life were contingent on the reaction of someone else, would you ever be happy?

I ask this question because I realize how much impact peers, society and loved ones can have on your sense of bliss. We are connected, true. We also each have free will, independent emotions and a unique heartbeat. So, doesn’t it stand to reason that actions should be based first on what you feel true to you, and second based on the reaction or potential outcome?

When you think of your essence, the beautifully individual way that you think, feel and behave, I hope you celebrate it. For instance, you may be a serial giver. What’s that? Someone who cannot resist the opportunity to give, to share and to help. If someone doesn’t appreciate it or doesn’t reciprocate, it makes the act of giving no less meaningful.

Or, perhaps, you are an expressionist. This is someone who feels like they will burst at the seams if they don’t communicate a thought, share a compliment or ponder the creative imprint of life as we know it.

Hmmm, or maybe you are a sassy pants. This is someone who is confident, a hair feisty, passionate and quick of wit. Such a soul will thrive on exchange, boldly strive to keep people guessing and soak up every inkling of experience.

Sure, there are likely hundreds of possible “types” that could define your essence as well as overlapping combinations. I, with both huzzah and humility, own up to being all three at times. The key is to honor your essence and accept that you are exactly who you are—others may revel in it or reel from it, the point is that you cannot stop being you to fit expectations.

Now, causing harm or hurt through action or expression is not at all what I am condoning. I am simply reinforcing that you should embrace yourself fully, so that you know exactly where you stand when your hope or your heart are challenged.

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