Giving It All for Hope

As I sit typing this post, tears are streaming down my face. I’m unashamed. You see, when the soul is moved to such a level, action must follow. Direct, immediate action.

I just finished watching this video:

I cry not just for the beautiful, innocent faces of these forgotten children. I cry for the plight of their parents and the pressures, fears and desperation that must have lead to this decision. I do not judge, not one ounce. And I do not ignore the issue because it happens to be thousands of miles around the globe.

I am thankful for this amazing man, Pastor Lee, and the simplest mission: hope.

Hope that other little angels are not left for dead on a cold street, overlooked by so many where abandonment has become so commonplace. Hope that ALL human life is considered precious, worthy and welcome. Hope that other kind souls will step up to voice, to share and to support orphans everywhere.

So many people feel lost, like orphans from God. He has not forgotten us, He simply gave us free will . . . and we use it for both good and evil. Our heavenly Father is always there, with infinite love, with the offer of grace and with the spirit of hope. We are, as the site alludes, kindred to one another in every way. We simply choose to forget that truth.

Yesterday, as I meditated, the word “kindred” came to mind. I didn’t know then why it was calling to me. I most definitely do now. Here is a bold, moving and raw reminder of what being kindred truly means.

Another reason it hits home with such emotional force is that my dear, loving mom was adopted. She has spent her entire life building a path for her children to follow, a home to keep us safe and a set of values that says NO ONE will ever be overlooked.

For my mom, for every orphan, for our very well-being as a human race, I shout, “Help others with hope!” How? I don’t have much to offer but I will give all I have, every penny I receive from every book sold this year (paperback and Kindle) will go to this mission.


If you choose not to buy, then donate. At least share and, no matter what, pray for these and orphans everywhere. For hope should be the legacy we give every child.

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