Forward is not Forgetting

It would be foolish to overlook the painful events of the last week. Two that climb top of mind are the Boston bombings and Texas plant explosion. In a few days time, I have watched the faces of many turn grief-stricken, troubled and guarded.

Still, through it all, hope is ever-present. Through the smoke, the pain and the excessive media, there remains a core of goodness in this world. It is within you and I pray you cling to it tightly. For the worst result of any tragedy is when hope is stolen (or forfeited), allowing fear, anger and apathy to take root. I resist that outlook with every shred of my being. I resist it for you, for your children and for the world.

In time, as you feel it right, I urge you to take a baby step forward. A cautious smile, a gracious gesture, an honorable remembrance, a solid embrace or a bold expression of joy. Those most closely impacted by loss and tragedy need our compassion, our strength, and our help to gradually renew themselves.

Moving forward is not forgetting. Forgetting is casting aside, losing focus, returning to status quo and slipping the blinders back on. No, remain vigilant in your hope and stalwart in your love. Those are the very things that will keep our humanity in tune. If anything, forget the vengeance, the retaliation, the bitterness. Move forward to offer help and display qualities that lift us all by example.

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