Complaining About Blessings

I realized the last few years of my life have been focused on transformation. And let’s face it, transformation is simply a fancy word for change—rough struggles, sharp bumps and sudden pitfalls as well as shining epiphanies, glorious catharsis and peaceful surrender. Life is transformation, friends. Some periods are merely more apparent and more pivotal in defining our forward journey.

As the waters of transformation receded to a manageable level, in flowed abundance. I give all the praise to God for the blessings, opportunities, fulfillment and relationships that blossomed from those energetic waters. That’s why I was shocked the other day when I realized I was complaining to myself about so much work to do, all the areas demanding my attention and so many people wanting my time. It was a jolt to process this mental chatter and discover that, in essence, I was complaining about blessings.

I was transported back to times when I asked for more doors to open, when I prayed that my voice be heard and that I wondered if others ever saw me. It’s interesting how our whiny, frail, unsatisfied selves like to try to overshadow the glow of grace. It’s intriguing how we want, beg and hope for things, then the dawn comes with those very blessings and we feel unprepared or unwilling to embrace them.

Hope is language. I’ve said it before and further believe it is the language we speak to our innermost selves, not just the world at large. Hope is the language of acceptance, willingness, clarity, perspective and gratitude. Think of how many people would stand up on their tippy toes with arms raised high just to have a portion of the blessings you have. It’s humbling.

The first step is to acknowledge appreciation. Think of the wealth of “too much” this or that in your life, and feel thankful for the chance to have, hold, experience and be.

The second step is to shift your gaze from burden to benefit. Feel the rich ways each seeming burden is a blessing and smile knowing that every moment has a benefit.

The third step is to share your joy. Outwardly express your humble gratitude, highlight the good things in your life (without bragging) and do a little shimmy-shake happy dance.

I’m going to work on this and hope you do too. In order to manifest your bliss, you have to recognize the sound of its footsteps at your door.

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