Burn It Down

A consuming fire from within your soul. That's the power of hope. Yet so few of us remember the greatness from which we were forged.

Check off the grocery list, post an ad for the old couch, stress about something you said or didn't say, wonder if you're good enough, try harder to lose weight . . . the busy-ness of life certainly gets in the way of feeling your spiritual fire.

I'm not looking down from the crow's nest in judgment, not in any way. I fell into a slow burn lifestyle, between struggling at marriage and striving to be a super parent, and I lost sight of using the gifts God gave me. No more, friends.

You need to hear this. You, yes you, have hope within you. It may be smoldering but it's there and ready to be set ablaze. 

The fear of being judged. Burn it down. 
The worries about your health. Burn it down.
The stress about your job. Burn it down.
The waves of apathy. Burn it down.
The dark moments of doubt. Burn it down.
The feeling lost and alone. Burn it down.
The need to be in control. Burn it down.
The drinking and drugs. Burn it down.
The empty one-night stands. Burn it down.
The autopilot setting for your life. Burn it down.
The anxiousness about parenting. Burn it down.
The what was or should have been. Burn it down.
The looks and harsh words. Burn it down.
The settling. Burn it down. 


You are made in the image of the divine. You possess a limitless soul. 

Burn down everything that doesn't serve you, and let hope wash over you in blazing waves of glory.

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  • Beautifully written. Thank you for your insight. I needed this. It’s not easy.


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