10 Posts for 10 Years: #8

If you know my quirky nature, you have probably seen one of my haikus. I love the 5-7-5 rhythm and simplicity. It forces you to find the essence and clear away the flowery debris.

With that in mind, here is haiku inspired by both my Heavenly Father and my dear dad:

Father, do you know
what my spirit craves from life?
Purpose and passion

Honestly, the essence of surviving the loss of a loved one is simple: honor them by living your life. We are here in this earthly training ground to explore our positive passions such as love, creativity, humor, giving and selflessness.

And to know your purpose or, as I call it, “your word” is to take a leap toward leading a fulfilling and rich life of experiences. My word is, you guessed it: hope. Yes, I love deeply. Yes, I like to be witty. Yes, I adore giving. All of that is grounded in my mission of hope. I weigh every decision, every opportunity and every relationship against that purpose to ensure my energy is devoted to hopeful pursuits.

So, friends, I will ask it again . . . what is your purpose word? Set your passions loose on it and you will be honoring your loved ones through the actions of your life.

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