The Journey of Hope

May 9, 2013

Deep breath. Pray. Let go. Believe.

I declared, “The World Needs Hope,” and I have been called to inspire it. So, May 8 (my nephew’s birthday, of all days), I departed Arizona for, literally, the other side of the world.

Leave home, sell your possessions, shift to freelance and let the only plan be to go where your spirit tells you. Sounds crazy, right? Apparently because I heard everything and, yes, some of it hurt. “You need to get this out of your system” (actually, my system welcomes this sense of purpose). “With all the stress, there’s no shame in a midlife crisis” (um, I’m not even to midlife LOL). “What are you running away from?” (ouch, but I did reflect on this statement and pray about my direction). “It’s nice to want to change the world but what can one person really do?” (one person can spark many people, can light a flame of hope and can ignite positive change).

I’m glad I packed my humility. It opens doors, puts people at ease, makes my silly questions seem ok and lets me experience who people are beyond their facades. I’m also glad I packed my hope. This is no easy venture and it takes a lot of energy to see the openings, start the conversations and share a sense of possibility with others.

Part of this journey, in total honesty, is to let my body reset too. After more than three decades of being “on” for every bump, every crisis and every rough patch, my physical and spiritual self crave renewal. Filling the well is important, friends. Being empathetic and being hopeful takes effort every day. If you aren’t cognizant, your well starts to run dry. It’s a tough thing to admit but it’s the key to understanding the balance of giving.

I hope you feel the love I’m sending your way and it fills your well.

1 thought on “The Journey of Hope

  1. Cami Arend

    Hello Sara,

    What a beautiful encounter to have met you today at the Red Cross truck! God is so good. I would love to catch up with you while you are here.

    May God’s grace be upon you,


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