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Who Are You Again?

July 6, 2016

It’s funny interesting, not funny haha, how much changes during stressful times. And when those stressful times become a seemingly everyday occurrence, what then?

Tired. Unfocused. Overwhelmed. Drained. Numb. Those words tend to sneak in slowly, like water from a dripping faucet. They seep into your being and drip into your core. Then, when you go to summon up your energy, vitality and sunshine . . . poof, nothing left but a puddle of “this isn’t me,” “why do I feel like this?” and “how did I get here?”

I feel it. I am not immune. I hear ya. Sisters and brothers, young and old—feel the big hug I’m sending your way. More often than we give ourselves credit, we NEED solace. Life can be an epic suckfest. Don’t let my optimism, hopeful ways or inspirational writing fool you. I face down the darkness, feel the burden of this life and know that sometimes the biggest victory is to “just keep swimming.”

Consider the duality of self-reflection: mirror and meditation. Your physical body shows your stress, your angst and your brokenness through things like skin and body language. Your perspective on life also changes as you think of fewer can-dos, have more stuttering thoughts and amp up your personal criticism. Again, you are not alone.

Now is an excellent time to reset your senses and reach for help. First, check out how to Build Your Hope Mantra. Then, hop over to Psychology Today and Find a Therapist. Two steps in the right direction and one big leap for honoring your beautiful yourself.