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Who Are You Again?

July 6, 2016

It’s funny interesting, not funny haha, how much changes during stressful times. And when those stressful times become a seemingly everyday occurrence, what then?

Tired. Unfocused. Overwhelmed. Drained. Numb. Those words tend to sneak in slowly, like water from a dripping faucet. They seep into your being and drip into your core. Then, when you go to summon up your energy, vitality and sunshine . . . poof, nothing left but a puddle of “this isn’t me,” “why do I feel like this?” and “how did I get here?”

I feel it. I am not immune. I hear ya. Sisters and brothers, young and old—feel the big hug I’m sending your way. More often than we give ourselves credit, we NEED solace. Life can be an epic suckfest. Don’t let my optimism, hopeful ways or inspirational writing fool you. I face down the darkness, feel the burden of this life and know that sometimes the biggest victory is to “just keep swimming.”

Consider the duality of self-reflection: mirror and meditation. Your physical body shows your stress, your angst and your brokenness through things like skin and body language. Your perspective on life also changes as you think of fewer can-dos, have more stuttering thoughts and amp up your personal criticism. Again, you are not alone.

Now is an excellent time to reset your senses and reach for help. First, check out how to Build Your Hope Mantra. Then, hop over to Psychology Today and Find a Therapist. Two steps in the right direction and one big leap for honoring your beautiful yourself.


Build Your Hope Mantra

March 17, 2013

Do you find yourself saying, “If it were different . . . if I were different?” While I do not encourage you to dwell endlessly on “what if” statements that could detract from living in the here and now, a modicum of self-reflection is good for your journey of personal evolution. Perhaps you recognize a barrier to self-love, a pattern in relationships, a tendency toward frustration or a diminished sense of self-esteem. In those instances, it’s time to make a positive change.

However, the word “change” can be a scary thing. It carries the perception of difficulty, pain, disruption and consequences. While there may be hints of these wrapped up in your desired change, how you face them and what you ultimately gain from the experience is truly up to you.

So, when the awareness sinks in that something in your life needs to change, it can be helpful to first change how you view change. The associated meaning of change can be improved with a small swap in word choice. For example, you might perceive it as a shift, a renewal or an enhancement—think of it as simply embracing a better life, a more balanced you.

There’s nothing wrong with giving positive change a boost. I have seen the power a mantra can inspire; therefore, I often write them for others. In essence, a mantra is a statement that you repeat to yourself to aid meditation and personal growth. It is a tool for your empowerment.

There are several ways to build your Hope Mantra. Try this formula:

1. What in my life requires me to be more mindful, and why?
2. How can I be more heartful by embracing myself and others?
3. Where is there opportunity to be more hopeful?
4. In what ways might I put these learnings into action?
5. I declare this commitment to myself.

Example Hope Mantra:

I am mindful of my words, so that I may build up not break down.
I am worthy of love, I love myself and I embody love in my treatment of others.
I am full of unique gifts that I use to enrich my life and my world.
Every day, I choose to be happy, patient and merciful.
I commit to believing in myself, living in hope and expressing gratitude.

As you can see, it is primarily present tense with clear statements about qualities you choose to cultivate in your life. The key is to focus on the positive outcome(s) as already being true. This supports the “you” you wish to be.

Once you have your mantra, keep it with you, make it the first thing you see every morning or read it before you go to bed. Meditate on it and repeat it until it takes root. You deserve confidence, appreciation, inspiration and fulfillment. They are within reach when you first reach within.