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Praying for Marie and Paris

November 18, 2015

When 9/11 struck the States, my stomach dropped, my heart broke, my soul gasped . . . then, my being went numb. When the Paris attacks occurred last week, it was the same feeling.

After confirming close friends were safe (sighing an ounce of relief at each text or Facebook message with “Sara, I’m ok”), I reached out to colleagues in Paris to check on their well-being. Somehow, I longed to offer support. In doing, I learned that Marie, pictured below, was a victim.

Marie Lausch

(photo courtesy of Twitter @ParisVictims)

I knew her as the charming voice on the other end of email. She was the sweet woman who always included a “have a great weekend,” “kind regards” or “thank you very much” and was never inconvenienced by going above and beyond in service to others. I would have known her for two months today, as we were e-introduced on September 18 for a series of PR projects for Coty. She was just beginning a promising year with the team.

She exudes vitality and beauty here, at age 23, with Mathias Dymarski, age 22. They moved to Paris together from Metz in 2014. Mathias was an adventurous BMX rider. Both died during Le Bataclan attacks, taken in the prime of their lives.

I know I am not alone in this shock or the profound sadness that such an unspeakable tragedy generates. I also know that I stand with the light workers of this world, refusing to let the spark of hope be extinguished. Darkness will not prevail.

God bless those taken too soon. Lord watch over those who mourn. Jesus save those who seek to do harm.