I help you tune into your inner voice and become liberated by the power of hope.


I get people unstuck. I help others work through creative barriers. I ask questions that help you gain insight. I give you intuitive guidance to confirm the truth within yourself. I provide practical mentorship to help you tap into your spiritual gifts, do amazing things in this world, shake off past hurts and live with presence.

So much of the good work in this world is yet to be done. So much of the love, faith, hope and joy meant for you is simply waiting for you to reach out. So why wait?

I will not tell you your future—I will help you see that you have one, and it’s bright. I will not erase all of your concerns—I will help you turn them into character builders. I will not do the tough work for you—I will be a sounding board, an advisor and a thoughtful mentor.

I work in-person, via phone or over Skype depending on your location. Spaces go fast, so please reach out today to reserve yours.


I love speaking to groups and engaging people in real life. Workshops are open to groups of 10 or more. Here are a few sample topics . . . others can be tailored to your group:

  • Knowing and Growing in Hope
  • Healing Hope: Your Grief Journey
  • How Empathy Changes Relationships

Contact me by emailing TheWorldNeedsHope at Gmail dot com. I look forward to connecting!